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Our goal has always been to make available the highest quality dental work performed in a professional caring and pain-free environment. We have been successful over 30 years in accomplishing this on a consistent basis. We deal with our patients in a trustworthy manner always putting our patient’s needs first.

Our office has the most modern state of the art dental equipment including a comprehensive in-house laboratory where a master technician can work hand and hand with the dentist and deliver the highest quality esthetic and restorative functions.

We have developed a comprehensive preventative and periodontal program which is the cornerstone of proper dental treatment. We have highly experienced personnel delivering this care. Our technology such as the top digital x-ray system on the market is very helpful in all diagnoses.

Our staff is very stable and well trained in different aspects of the dental field. The quality of the staff working side by side with the doctors is of utmost importance to delivering quality dentistry.

However considering the quality of the staff, the in-house dental lab, the high technology equipment and the consistency of delivery of the product for over many years, we still may be best known in the industry for our painless dentistry start to finish. When you read the staff, doctor and patient testimonials this will be evident. We know patients have many choices but we hope to be of service to you and fulfill your personal dental needs.

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